Let's do this. Together.

Even Moe had Larry and Curly.

Launching a startup is hard work.  Innovating in education is hard work.  Doing both at the same time is even harder.  While we pride ourselves in doing what hasn’t been done before, sometimes it nice to have access to others who share your experience.  That’s why we’re launching the cohort.  A small group of fellow school entrepreneurs who can both push your thinking and provide you support.

Be a part of our inaugural cohort.


From school founder to school entrepreneur.

We’re not looking for your traditional school founder here.  Instead, we’re looking for folks who believe:

  • schools are the level at which we should be innovating
  • we should question school as we know it
  • that we don’t have all the answers
  • we need to design with – not for – the community
  • in intentionally designing and running innovation cycles

Do you have a bias toward action, a desire for critical feedback and a need to surround yourself with entrepreneurs who can push your thinking while understanding what you’re going through? The cohort just might be for you.


One part Cheers, One part Dear Abby.

The cohort will consist of two parts:
Cohort: Every 3rd week of the month, the cohort will get together virtually for a call.  We’ll pick the exact dates and times once the cohort is finalized to ensure everyone can make it.  We’ll use a variety of protocols and activities to share progress on school model development, hold each other accountable and celebrate each others success.
Individual: Each cohort member will have monthly scoping and coaching sessions, where individual member needs can be discussed.
In Person:
Relationships and trust are key to a productive cohort experience and spending some time together is key to that – but don’t worry, when we get together it’ll be to work.  We’ll collaborate to find a time and place that makes sense in your busy schedules.


Pinky Swears

A cohort experience like the one we’re designing for you is entirely dependent on your participation, so we’re only looking for folks who can commit to the entire experience.  Attendance is absolutely mandatory to all monthly cohort meetings.  Being a no-show to any scheduled event will result in immediate removal from the cohort (of course, unless it was something you really couldn’t control).

What does it cost?

The annual fee for the cohort experience is $1200. Cohort members are responsible for their own travel for our in-person meeting.
We don’t want cost to be prohibitive.  If you absolutely can’t afford the cohort cost, let us know and lets see if we can work something out.


How to Apply

Applications are now open and slots for our inaugural cohort will be filled on a rolling basis.

Priority Deadline: August 1

Final Deadline: August 15

Create a 2-3 minute video (upload to youtube or vimeo) that shares with us why you want to be a part of the cohort experience.  We’re not judging on production value here, so just hop in front of your phone or laptop and hit record.  All we’re asking is that you be clear and honest, and touch on the following:

  • Who you are
  • A little about your school model (including stage of development and key innovations)
  • Why you want to be a part of the cohort
  • What you want to get from, and what you have to give to the cohort

By sending the video, you are giving your consent that the video can be used by [ ]schools to create promotional and educational materials for the education community and general public.

Submit using the form below.

All done!